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A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is, it is what consumers tell each other.
- Scott Cook

We Build your Brand

A brand is much more than a logo, it is what people think and perceive, this implies first of all building that idea and keeping it intensely alive over time.

If the concept is well developed, the identity of the brand can be better communicated without losing its essence, showing a modern and innovative character. By creating a recognizable, trustworthy, and consistent image for your business, you can earn your customers’ attention and loyalty.
The logo is vital in branding and plays an essential role in the recognition of a brand’s identity.

At MarkaDM we take the following into account when developing your brand identity:

  • The personality
  • The identifier
  • Find your style in terms of color, shape and typography
  • Project and connect our brand when using digital graphic applications, stationery, uniform, outdoor and indoor environment.

We design communication strategies so that your brand, product or service is effectively and innovatively connected with your user or consumer.

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Discuss your branding identity development ideas with us today.

Are you interested in giving your brand dynamism?

A dynamic brand is defined as a brand with more energy that can show change, movement and flexibility. Dynamic brands are often called living brands, because they physically change or move, reflecting the very definition of dynamism.

Dynamic brands have a better chance of surviving in the market since they are more striking, innovative, fresh and by interacting with the different basic elements of an identity creates a more pleasant connection with the public. Distinction, legibility, visual impact and ergonomics are important factors to take into account when conceiving Branding

✔️ 3 Unique Identity
✔️ 100% Custom Illustration
✔️ 5 Revisions
✔️ All Final Files Format (AI, EPS, PNG, GIF, JPG, PDF)
✔️ 100% Ownership Rights
✔️ Brand use manual:
-Correct use of the brand
✔️ 3 Unique Identity
✔️ 100% Custom Illustration
✔️ 5 Revisions
✔️ All Final Files Format (AI, EPS, PNG, GIF, JPG, PDF)
✔️ Avatar for social media
✔️ 100% Ownership Rights
✔️ Brand use manual:
- Typography
- Correct use of the brand
- Geometrization
- Colour
- Logo versions
- Mockup
✔️Custom stationery design:
- Invoice Design
- Email Signature Design
- Card Design
- Letterhead Design
✔️ All Final Files Format (AI, EPS, PNG, GIF, JPG, PDF)
Branding + BrandBook
Branding + Logo
✔️5 Unique Design
✔️100% Custom Illustration
✔️5 Revisions
✔️All Final Files Format (AI, EPS, PNG, GIF, JPG, PDF)
✔️Graphic Line for Social Media (Facebook e Instagram), Avatar
✔️100% Ownership Rights
✔️Custom stationery design:
-Invoice Design
-Email Signature Design
-Card Design
-Letterhead Design
-All Final Files Format (AI, EPS, PNG, GIF, JPG, PDF)


Rebranding implies the total or partial reconstruction of the brand, be it the name, logo design or even the form of communication and sale. The purpose of all this is to create a new identity with more personality.

When to start a rebranding process?

  1. The target or target audience has changed and therefore it is necessary to think of another strategy aimed at the new audience to reconnect.

2. The identity does not reflect what is intended.” This is very common when you are setting up a business and the look is being designed in a hurry, which is a serious mistake. But thanks to rebranding you can have a second chance to channel the ideal image.

Faced with the “appearance of new competitors”, the brand may be threatened and therefore it is obliged to make a radical change and enhance that small difference.

3. The loss of market share makes brands consider redirecting their branding strategy seeking relevance and a different perception of the brand.

4. It is also recommended that to “eliminate the bad image” of the brand, the changes start from its roots and not something merely aesthetic.

Discuss your branding identity development ideas with us today.

Frequent Questions

How do I get started building your brand?
Step 1: The first thing we do is schedule an online appointment, to meet us and exchange information about your project. the meeting lasts between 20 to 40 minutes. (To schedule the meeting, click on booking.)
Step 2: Send your proof of payment to the email
Step 3: After the meeting you will be sent the requirements for the development of your brand. Once all the requirements have been completed, you must send it to the email
Step 4: Proposals for your brand are delivered and identity adjustments, verification and approval are carried out.
Step 5: Sending your identity in the different formats and versions of the identity.Now, enjoy your new identity!
How long does a logo deliver?
Developing your brand takes 7-10 business days.
How long do you deliver a Branding and the brandbook?
The development of your brand takes 30 days.
What is the brandbook?
It is a corporate guide that defines all the elements that make up the identity of a business.

In this manual you will find the essence of the brand personality: the fonts, the logos, the colors, the languages, the tone, the story and everything necessary that the marketing team needs to carry out the communications while maintaining a coherent line and structured.
A Brand Book creates connections with customers who perceive, through it, a detailed and consistent image of the brand, which reminds them at every moment that it is an entity with a dynamic personality, alive and with its own voice.

What elements are included in the brandbook?
Brand personality:
- Naming
- Philosophy
-Tone and communicational style
- Language
- Concept
- Corporate elements
- Identifier specs
- Colour
- Typography

Backgrounds in corporate colors
- High contrast
- Uses not allowed
- Graphic elements
- Graphics Applications
- Stationery
- Uniforms
- Exterior Environment
- Indoor Environment
- Signage
Brand Strategies
- Brand goal
- Positioning
- Communication Strategies
- Conventional initiatives
- Printed media
- Digital Initiatives
- Social networks
- How should we publish

Why should your company have a Brand Book?
A Brand Book is essential to achieve a unified corporate identity. This manual is used so that the creation of marketing strategies aimed at your target audience are associated with your brand without problems.

When there is no established brand manual, misuse of the graphic image is common. Without consistency in this area, it would be difficult to transmit the culture of the organization and position itself in the markets.

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